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Customized packages based on our clients’ needs and goals, allowing you the opportunity to exceed their fitness expectations.

CustomFit360 was created with the idea of bringing personalized custom fitness programs to the members of our community in a comfortable environment but without breaking the bank.  Erik and his trainers have a multi-faceted approach to personal training ranging anywhere from basic fundamental functional movements to power lifting and elite athletic training.


Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and real results with our specialized training programs.  Your abilities and needs are different from the person that trained before you and after you, so why should your workouts be the same?  Not one program is exactly like the other, everything is customized to meet your needs and goals.


Still need a little motivation?  Erik and his trainers have a passion for fitness and training, their goal is to help you enjoy life through a healthier lifestyle.  Whether that’s being able to be more physically active in your day to day, making the team at school or increased energy through shedding pounds and inches, they will cheer you on every step of the way.  It’s as beneficial for them as it is for you, your success motivates them as much as they motivate you!

Are You Ready to Accept the Challenge

Customized packages based on your needs and goals, allowing you the opportunity to exceed your fitness expectations.