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Accepting The Challenge!

Accepting The Challenge!

‘Accepting the challenge’ by Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark


Erik Schreiber works the bag at the new CustomFit360! facility in Millville.

Accept the challenge.

That’s what Erik Schreiber told himself he had to do when, after making a career out of fitness, he finally decided to open his own gym last month. And at Custom Fit 360 in Millville, that’s what he asks his clients to do, too.

What he doesn’t ask those clients to do, however, is work out the way that he works out, or the way that anyone else works out, for that matter, because, as the name suggests, Custom Fit 360 is all about one thing: customizing the fitness experience for each individual client.

“Everybody has different things that they need to work on,” Schreiber explained. “You’re not gonna get P90X in here. You’re not gonna get Jillian Michaels — because that’s not customized; everybody does the same thing. You’re gonna get your own workout based on what your goals are, and we’re gonna accomplish those goals by working together.”

Individualizing everything from the exercises to the way he puts his clients through them, and even down the music selection, Schreiber is able to put the focus on specific, and typically very different, needs.

One of those clients has been local restauranteur Steve Hagen of the Off the Hook Restaurant Group, who has lost more than 30 pounds since signing up with Schreiber around three months ago.

“He’s customized my workouts for me,” Hagen said, putting the emphasis on the “me,” and also noting that the training has helped both his back problems and his golf game. “What’s impressed me the most are the results. I’ve made gains I didn’t think were possible before I started, and now I’m obsessed about what he has in store from week to week. I’m proud he has started his own business and believe he has a recipe for success, in building on his existing clientele and reputation in our ever-growing community.”

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article by:  R. Chris Clark (Coastal Point)

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