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Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

If you are an athlete that wants to stay conditioned or move to the next level, look no further than working with CustomFit360. As an athlete himself, Erik understands the importance of proper strength and conditioning programs. In fact, each person on his staff is an athlete within a variety of fields.

Having expertise in football, lacrosse, tennis, jujitsu, baseball, golf and cross-fit – there is a trainer at CustomFit360 that can customize a program for you that incorporates mobility, agility, technique, speed and power. They will help you become explosive within your sport.

CustomFit360 will help you translate your speed and technique to the field, court, water or ring.

Looking to become a professional athlete? Trainers at CustomFit360 are equipped to take you to an elite level. If you are a football player, think about going from D2 to D1AA. CustomFit360 can help you do that.

Looking to improve your technique? What about becoming faster or more mobile? Coaches look for this in their athletes and CustomFit360 can work with you off the field on improving your game.

If you are a high school or college student athlete in the Rehoboth, Frankford, or Ocean View vicinity and are looking for a personal trainer that understands you and your sport; then Email Us.  Your coach will be glad you did.