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Corrective Exercise Personal Trainers

Corrective Exercise Personal Trainers

Corrective exercise personal trainers incorporate corrective exercise into every one-on-one training plan here at CustomFit360. Our personal trainers do this because the body experiences wear and tear every day; however, if the muscles, joints tendons, and bones are working together the way they should then the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

Are you moving without pain? You should be.

Corrective Exercise Personal Trainers, Why would anybody need one?

  • Everyone has muscular imbalances, and the trainers at CustomFit360 want to help you correct that. If a muscle is not firing or over-firing it can lead to joint dysfunction and often injury. Corrective exercise will help all of the muscles function in the correct way; so that you don’t keep injuring the same thing over and over.

Do you offer Physical Therapy?

  • CustomFit360 does not offer physical therapy; however, we are happy to work with your physical therapist and incorporate them within your overall plan. In fact, CustomFit360 often works with Dr. Bob at Atlantic Physical Therapy on planning for clients in common.

Does CustomFit360 offer corrective exercise as a stand-alone training?

  • The trainers at CustomFit360 are happy to work with you specifically on corrective exercise. It could come in the form of stretching, cardio, strength or a combination. Our goal is to meet the fitness needs of every client.

If you live in the Bethany Beach or Ocean View area we can work with you to help prevent muscle injury. Contact us today.

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