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Fitness Program Background

What Time is it?!?!? #BOOM! Gainz O’Clock Baby!!

#GainzOclock came to be in My Studio because of hilarious YouTube video i watched. It was funny as hell and I started using the term it in the studio, especially when my clients were getting their butts kicked during our personal fitness sessions. They’ll look up at the clock to check how much time they have left, …and ha ha ha! What time is it? “Its Gainz O’clock baby let’s move!! We got work to do!? Thus, the Gainz O’clock Program was born!

Program Length: 4 Week Program

This program is 4 weeks long and is geared towards shedding fat and putting on muscle! The workouts will be full body strength and conditioning on every lifting day (3 days/week).

The other 3 days are focused on cardio and pelvic and core strength and stability. The final day will be an active recovery day, stretching and mobility, light cardio or nothing at all. These workouts are meant to be fast paced. Moving from exercise to exercise as quickly as you can. Yielding a high metabolic demand and causing a high EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) leaving you burning calories at a higher rate for a longer period of time after you exercise. Rep ranges will be volume based, working at 75-80% of maximum force output. Causing muscular hypertrophy and increasing our lean muscle tissue. As you increase your lean muscle tissue, your resting metabolic or BASAL metabolic rate increases, causing you to burn more calories throughout the day. This, coupled with the proper nutritional and supplement regime, will have you shredding fat and putting on tons of muscle.

Attached to your email will be a general guideline to your nutritional needs. Nutrition is very individualized, and we have a specialist on staff who can really dive into your nutritional habits if needed.

myzone fitness program - GAINZ OCLOCK FITNESS PROGRAMIf you have chosen to go with our MyZone offer, this my friend is dope dope dope. My Zone is an incredible way to make sure that you are being as efficient as possible during our workouts. It gives you live, real time feedback on where your energy expenditure is coming from. This makes things much more efficient is making sure we are burning our calories from fat vs breaking down our lean muscle tissue. We want to stay within an heart rate range of 60-85% of maximum heart rate during our strength training. During our conditioning, we want to push into the high yellow and into the red at 88-95% of maximum, letting it coming back down into the 70s.

BOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIII, did you say SHREDDED!???!?! Child please, I GET HYPE!!!!

CustomFit360 is a little different in that, we are real people. Not everything is “automated”. You can message your coaches through the app and we can get back to you. We have office hours, that will also be in the attachment. We have several Coaches on staff who work the remote program. Myself (Erik), a young man named Nick Brown and Flannery Lawrence. Find our pictures and bios in the Personal Trainers section. That’s us! We exist! With that said, we have our other responsibilities in our facility, so you are going to have to take the reins on your success baby! Get out what you put in. We can give you all the tools you need to be successful but its up to you to implement, your success is on you and you know what? #YESYOUCAN!

There may come a point where you want to quit but don’t do it. Repeat after me, yes I can. Louder, YES I CAN. ONE MORE TIME!!! YES I CAN!!!!!!! #BOOM!


The training team at CustomFit360! brings different skills to the table, but they all share the passion of working with their clients to create a customized plan that results in a healthier life.

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