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Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycle – REV360!

REV360! features the IC7 bike by Life Fitness with its Coach by Color technology! This results-oriented power-based coaching is designed to maximize your training experience and help you reach your goals faster.

Indoor Cycling

Our Classes

Our classes are suitable for all riders, from beginners to advanced. With ICG Training, your intensity level is adjusted to your fitness level and you are ALWAYS in control of your own bike. Our certified instructors will be sure to make any adaptations needed in a hybrid class.

Sweat the Stress with Bre (1 Hour Hybrid)

This is a 2 in 1 class! First, We’ll get you amped up and your blood pumping with a quick 30 minute Coach by Color Experience and then straight into an intense full-body workout off the bikes – feel the burn!

Burn & Body Cycle (1 Hour Hybrid)

Strength training mingles with Coach by Color Technology – grab your dumbbells! This class incorporates the best of both worlds! Thirty minutes on the bike / thirty minutes off! We’ll get you amped up and your blood pumping with Coach by Color Experience, then we’ll round it out with circuit/strength training.

Riders of Steel with Dan (50 min)

Interval training using patented Coach by Color Technology! This class is a full hour of our one of a kind High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)! With rockin’ music, amazing instructors, and the best atmosphere around, you’re going to want to come back again and again!

Back N Booty (1 Hour Hybrid)

Back & Booty takes the leg-burning workout of a cycle class and combines it with a back and butt burning strength workout! Intense climbs followed by sweet release. This class is designed to get your backside tight and toned!

The Paceline with Colleen (50 min)

In this class you’ll feel the headwind riding up Route 1, making your way to the front and leading the peloton! Catch a sigh of relief and a quick breather as you drop back (for a few seconds that is) then get ready to go again! This moderately intense class will push you to improve your own abilities on the bike, both in the studio and on the road. Let’s ride!

Cycling Safety

We follow all state-mandated safety regulations for COVID-19 including mask-wearing at ALL TIMES and bikes spaced 13′ apart. Rigorous cleaning protocols are enforced. We ask all riders to adhere to the regulations, for your safety and ours. We thank you for your understanding.