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Online Training Page

CustomFit360 is excited to offer online training! Ask yourself these questions: are you delaying getting back into the gym because don’t have the time to dedicate yourself to a set training schedule? Does the thought of adding another appointment to your busy schedule sound like too much? Or maybe you already have a place you enjoy working out in but need a little help changing up your routine to maximize your results. Online training is an incredible value, it’s location independent and you STILL get individualized programming with a CustomFit360 nationally-accredited certified trainer. We use state of the art software with personalized programming PLUS you’ll have access to:

  • a downloadable app in which to track progress
  • nutrition consulting and guidance
  • weekly goal setting sessions and review with your personal trainer
  • Consistent support from your trainer via email, text and phone

Contact us to learn more and schedule your free consultation, available either in our gym or via phone conference #BOOM!