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Our Custom Fitness Training Team
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Our Custom Fitness Training Team

CustomFit360! is the outcome of a long-term vision from the Custom Fitness Training Team Leader & Owner Erik Schreiber, who has always had a passion for health and fitness. He believes that fitness should be a part of everyone’s life, as the benefits go well beyond the physical health. In order to build his dream, though, he needed to find like-minded people who wanted to build a community. That is just what he did.

It starts with the people. The training team at CustomFit360 bring different skills to the table, but they all share the passion of working with their clients to create a customized plan that results in a healthier life. From basic functional movements, to focused competitive training – each trainer has the skills to work with someone at any level. Ultimately, fitness is about improving someone’s quality of life.

Since opening their doors in January 2016, CustomFit 360 has gone from a training facility to a fitness community made up of trainers and clients.

When you become a client at CustomFit360, you become part of the CustomFit360 family. To start, you learn that #BOOM is representative of excited, motivated people who are supporting you and cheering on your goals and endeavors. A client can also access a closed Facebook Page that that offers support from the trainers and other clients – everything from motivation, memes and menus are posted daily.

The team at CustomFit360 believes in giving back to the community through sponsorship and participation. Although there are many organizations they provide support to, all of which have either a tie to fitness or children; there are a few that stand out. The Alana Rose Foundation and Indian River Football team see support from CustomFit360. As well, you will see the CustomFit360 team represented at the 5K over Memorial Day weekend which benefits the Justin Jenning’s Beach House in Bethany.


New in 2018, is Ball 4 All Foundation whose mission is to provide the opportunity for all children to play sports regardless of their family’s financial situation. This foundation, of which Erik is a founding member, represents the heart of CustomFit360.

The trainers and clients together have built the environment that Erik visualized when he started his career. CustomFit360 is an environment where you can obtain your fitness and health goals through a combination of the professional guidance of your trainer, a motivating environment and a network of support. Fitness naturally becomes a part of your every day life.

Become part of the CustomFit360 family today! If you live in or near Millville, Fenwick Island, Millsboro, Bethany Beach or any of the surrounding areas – CustomFit360, call us at 703-626-3157 or customfit360de@gmail.com and let us help meet your fitness goals.

29K Atlantic Avenue Ocean View, Delaware 19970
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