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Bulletproof Vitality for Him



  • Bulletproof Vitality For Him
  • 3 MONTHS
  • 6 MONTHS
  • 12 MONTHS
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Function: Men’s micronutrients and vitamin profile
Improves quality of life through prostate health, oxidative damage, inflammation, etc.

  1. Prostate Health
    1. Regrow hair and prevent balding
    2. Increase sexual function
    3. Decrease prostate swelling
    4. Helps with getting up in the night to use bathroom
    5. Interferes with prostate growth
    6. Gene regulation
  2. Male longevity
    1. Improved mood
    2. Decrease inflammation and pain
    3. Improved blood pressure and flow
    4. Decreased muscle soreness and pain
    5. Increased ability to breath
    6. Increased fertility
    7. Prevention of oxidative stress
    8. Increased testosterone

Fill Nutritional Gaps To Maximize Results. High Potency Vitamins & Minerals. Support Prostate Health. Enhance Effects of All Supplements, Exercise, & Nutrition Programs.

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Bulletproof Vitality For Him, 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS, 12 MONTHS

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