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    Boosts Fat Melting Metabolism. Protect Muscle Mass. Maximize Muscle Building. Get More Reps. Go Longer. Go Harder.

    • Burn AM
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    Function: High potency thermogenic fat burner
    Increases body temperature, burn more calories, signal body to release fat molecules, make natural fat burning hormones stay around longer
    Create heat

    1. White Willow Bark
      1. Increases inflammation which increases effectiveness of fat burning hormones
    2. Garlic
      1. Makes your body less efficient at making energy — spend more calories to make energy — burning more calories at rest
    3. EGCG
      1. Inhibits breakdown of natural fat burning hormones
    4. Capsicum & Evodiamine
      1. Activates your body to produce & feel more heat from the inside
    5. Coleus Forskohlii
      1. Increases fat burning effects of natural fat burning hormones
    6. Aloe Vera
      1. Cooling agent — helps to cool things down

    Utilize fat

    1. Carnitine
      1. Transports fat to be burned off
    2. Cyanidin 3 Glucoside
      1. Increases glucose utilization and fat intake in the muscles
    3. Citrus Alkaloid Blend
      1. Guarana, Orange and Grapefruit Seed – allows body to make better use of natural hormones

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    Burn AM, 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS, 12 MONTHS

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