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  • Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Blend



    • Vanilla Protein Blend
    • 3 MONTHS
    • 6 MONTHS
    • 12 MONTHS
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    Function: A food product, rather than a supplement with an end desire result. Extremely delicious, helps people get the protein they need to support the goals that they have, make people feel as though they don’t HAVE to eat this, but they GET to eat this.

    1. Whey Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate)
      1. Helps promote lean muscle growth
      2. Increased fat loss
      3. Healthy metabolism
      4. Cardiovascular health
    2. Cane Sugar
      1. Much less processed than white sugar
      2. Helps revitalize, energize and hydrate the body after exercise
    3. Natural and Artificial Flavors (Vanilla)
      1. Makes the protein taste delicious, just like real ice cream
    4. Lactase
      1. Supplemental enzyme used to help properly digest lactose
    5. Sucralose
      1. Low calorie sweetener

    High Protein. Supports Metabolic Rate During Fat Loss. Decrease Cravings Through Satiety Signaling. Save Time and Money. Maximize Results Between Meals.

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    Vanilla Protein Blend, 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS, 12 MONTHS

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