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Sleep Multiplier



  • Sleep Multiplier
  • 3 MONTHS
  • 6 MONTHS
  • 12 MONTHS
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Function: Go to sleep fast

Stay asleep/high quality sleep

Improve restorative nature of sleep – balance hormone profile and ensure body composition improves


  1. L-Theanine
    1. Decreases side effects of overstimulation
    2. Increases relaxation
  2. Magnesium
    1. Causes vasodilation to promote systemic relaxation from lowered blood pressure
  3. Valerian
    1. Promotes relaxation
  4. Lemon Balm
    1. Calms nervous system activity
  5. Chamomile
    1. Anti-inflammatory
    2. Decreases stiffness
  6. Passion Flower
    1. Calms nervous system activity
  7. Chlorogenic Acid
    1. Stabilizes blood sugar which improves energy upon waking
    2. Promotes belly fat loss
  8. Selenium
    1. Keeps metabolic rate at a healthy level
  9. Iodine
    1. Keeps metabolic rate high and healthy
  10. Phosphatidylserine
    1. Lowers cortisol (main hormone released during stress)
    2. Improves quality of sleep
    3. Improves body composition
    4. Makes you smarter

Burn Fat While You Sleep. Lower Sugar Levels. Decrease Storage. Speed Up Results While You Sleep.

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Sleep Multiplier, 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS, 12 MONTHS

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