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    Test Storm

    Function: Make more testosterone
    Make use of testosterone

    1. Lepidium
      1. Significant improvements in drive and sex quality while suppressing prostate growth
    2. Icarin
      1. Greatly improved drive, assertiveness and aggressiveness
      2. Increased vasodilation
    3. Fenugreek
      1. Increases testosterone production
      2. Decrease levels of byproducts of testosterone production
      3. Decrease fat mass
      4. Improves workouts
      5. Get stronger
      6. Improves mood stability
    4. D Aspartic Acid
      1. Acts at the level of the brain
      2. Signals steroid production
      3. Increased virility
      4. Increased muscle mass
    5. Stinging Nettle Root
      1. Keeps testosterone active
    6. Diindolylmethane
      1. Estrogen regulating molecule

    Naturally Supercharge Fat Loss & Muscle Growth. Increase Energy, Focus, & Libido. Decrease Estrogen Production. Your Most Powerful Hormone As Your Best Ally.

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