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“Are there safe ways to keep fit outdoors?”

I’m sure a lot of us have that question running through our minds considering the challenges we are presently facing after a global outbreak of the pandemic.

It’s okay to go outside post corona virus outbreak, as long as you’re keeping to guidelines on how to stay safe and protect others from the novel virus.

Certain groups of people according to the CDC are at high risk for Covid-19 infections that can lead to hospitalizations and the need for ventilation. Individuals with underlying lung disease or asthma, people with diabetes, including adults above 60 years are the most vulnerable. Therefore, it’s important to enjoy the outdoors regionally and around your neighborhoods. Outdoor activities are safest if you can stay at least 6 feet away from other people.

I know many are seeking safe ways to keep fit even as activities gradually returns across states. The best way to find out where you can exercise is to first check with your states official mandate or advisory and then check the status of the property you want to go to. So, if you want to go to a particular park, gym or beach, make sure your allowed to go to either location, and then ensure the one you’re interested in is still open to visitors.

Here are 5 safe ways to keep fit outdoors!

The same hygiene guidelines that apply in gym also apply to outdoor workouts:

Sand volleyball

This is another of great safe ways to keep fit outdoors during this time. You may not live near a beach, but wherever there’s sand you can raise two poles and a volley ball net, that way you and a friend on the other end practicing social distancing. Just make sure to wash hands and wipe down equipment before and after.

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Take a walk or run around your neighborhood

You say walking is too pedestrian? Actually, it’s one of the best lifetime sports. If you’re tired of staying indoors take a walk around your neighborhood or head out on a run. This can be a fun time to discover new roads or routes you’ve never had the chance to explore before. Taking a walk is pretty much a safe ways to keep fit outdoors.

Head out on your road bike

Cycling is another safe way of keeping fit outdoors. Biking is a great way to get some exercise while keeping a distance from others, so grab your bike and hit the road. According to experts while running tends to target the ham strings (the muscle in the back of your thigh, cycling uses the quadriceps (the muscles on the front of the thighs) more. Car traffic is significantly down now, so you’ve got the road to yourself. Yippee!


Swimming is a wonderful cardiovascular conditioner that also helps tone arms and legs and it’s very easy on the joints. In fact, it’s perfect for people who have muscles or joint problems. The weightlessness of the water helps them exercise pain free. Swimming increases your stamina, can help ward off diabetes, high blood pressure and relieve stress. There you have one of safe ways to keep fit. So, get your swim wear ready.

Get moving with online fitness communities

Keeping fit can be fun online. People who work out together are more likely to achieve their fitness goals than those who work out alone. Get committed to an online community who share similar goals you’ll not only be held accountable for your efforts but you’ll also have a group of people cheering you on. Sprinkle in a healthy competition to the mix and you may be inspired to push yourself a little harder. Some incorporate gadgets, apps and other devices to keep you on track.

Stopping the spread of Covid-19 may take changes to daily routines, but staying healthy through it all is still the priority and these safe ways to keep fit will ensure your well-being is not risked will exercising

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