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    Everyone ages – and as we age so do our bodies. Bones become porous and can easily break. You often hear of falls for those in their senior years that change the course of their lives. In fact, 75% of seniors who fall and break a hip die due to complications.

    The team at CustomFit360 will help you substantially reduce the risk of falling by working with you in the studio – because if you don’t use it, you lose it.

    Movement is Medicine

    To help reduce the risk of falling, your personal trainer at CustomFit360 will work with you on stretching, balance, stability, flexibility and strength training. Strength training is critical, as it is a key aspect for body structure and mechanics along with bone density. Your trainer will talk directly with your physical therapist to understand the best approach for your ongoing needs.

    Why should you trust the team at CustomFit360? A majority of the CustomFit360 clients fall into the senior age range, so the trainers understand that your needs are different. Your goals are not the same as what they were when you were 20. And, with each training session – you will look and feel better.

    If you are looking to make every day activities enjoyable and move without pain, contact the team at CustomFit360 or call us at 703-626-3157.  We are helping seniors in Bethany Beach, Ocean View and Dagsboro stay strong and healthy.