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    When I moved to Bethany Beach, DE I was worried about finding a gym and trainer that met my needs. I love to work out and want to be challenged. I feel so lucky that I have found CustomFit360 and the amazing trainers that work here! Words to describe Erik:  hard working, caring, passionate, dependable, motivating, original/innovating (workouts), and extremely educated in his field.. CustomFit360 I am so glad I found you guys!

    D. Humphries Milne

    I was on vacation here in Millville, I found CustomFit360 searching for a local place to work out. Erik was quick to respond to my inquiry and set up a session. The gym was great everyone I met was very nice a personable. I would highly recommend! Erik programmed a perfect workout for me, I had an awesome session couldn’t have asked for anything better!

    D. Alderman

    I want to give a HUGE shout out to CustomFit360 LLC! I just completed one of their 8 week AFTERBURN classes! I had been struggling for about a year after suffering from an injury to my arm to get back into shape an exercising the way I was before the injury. Erik is very knowledgeable and customized exercises for me that would not cause strain and also challenged me to do what I AM capable of! I feel encouraged, motivated, and hopeful as opposed to the discouragement I had felt all year!

    A. Rice

    I have been working out at CustomFit360 for about a year. I have lost weight, gained strength, and have so much more energy. The best part is I have built strength all over to support my body doing everyday things without pain. I have lower back problems and my pain level has dropped dramatically and I haven’t hurt myself picking up one of my kids. Best thing I have ever done for myself. I can’t say enough about how great the team is at CustomFit360!

    E. Harne Top of Form

    Can’t say enough good things about this place. Erik is a phenomenal trainer and all- around good person. I was intimidated to start one on one training and I have a list of injuries to work around. Erik is very motivating but not at all the mean drill Sgt I feared…lol….and he is very mindful of my injuries and is always planning around those. In January of 2016 I was at 35% body fat, now I’m at 24%. I am still working towards new goals and Erik is always on board to help me achieve them.

    R. Shoobridge

    Erik is great with teens and helping them obtain their goals. He understands and supports them in and out of the gym. He makes time for them and is a great fitness and nutritional mentor.

    R. Shoobridge

    I have been training with Erik since the beginning of CustomFit360! He’s the best and constantly is challenging me to be better and stronger. If you are looking for the best trainer and workout, this is it!

    B. Pfautsch

    Excellent facility, knowledgeable trainers and a welcoming vibe…I’ll be back

    S. McAlee

    I’ve been training with Erik for a little over a year now and it has been the best decision for improving my health and well being. Not only is he a personal trainer that is ACTUALLY interested in your needs and expectations, but he also makes the experience one to enjoy! The trainers at CustomFit360 are there for you and you won’t be disappointed!

    K. Null

    I trained with Erik for a couple of months, with my time training with him I lost 12lbs and 9% body fat! He really works with you to make you feel comfortable and do the right workouts for your goals. And Noel is also great motivator!

    N. Thurman

    My sons and some other teen friends love the gym/physical education class for our school group. They hope to add an extra day this winter.


    Great place to get it done. Awesome trainers to get the results you want.

    M. O’Neill

    Eric is terrific. He has a customized approach, helps you reach your goals and most importantly he is a great guy.

    J. Booth

    Erik provided me with the tools and knowledge in and out of the gym to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.

    K. Dawson