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    Choosing your personal trainer is a critical decision in your fitness journey. Please meet our team. They will be happy to meet you and learn about your goals.

    All personal training sessions are by appointment only.

    Erik Schreiber – Owner: Erik is a former Division 1A college athlete, Erik is NASM, NESTA, AFPA and IFPA (4 governing bodies) certified with more than 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry. Erik’s unique diversity in his training methods focuses primarily on Functional Training Technique to maximize results. “Functional Training” is classified as an exercise which trains the body for activities performed in daily life and can be modified for all levels of fitness abilities. With clients ranging from beginner to advanced, Erik’s ability to create personalized programs for each client has been met with great success. Whether you’re goal is to lose pounds and body fat, increase stamina and quality of life or are an athlete in training, Erik is eagerly up for the challenge….are you?
    Sue Steel – Head Trainer: Sue has 25 years of experience in the fitness industry as a certified Group X Instructor and Personal Trainer, both NASM and AFAA certified.  She has experience training D1 athletes in soccer and volleyball for speed and strength.  Sue was a 2015 Crossfit Regional Qualifier and a three-time Tough Mudder finisher.

    Kent Anderson – Personal Trainer: Kent brings with him over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. His first few years of training were primarily focused on programming fitness and nutritional consulting for Bariatric clients. As fitness evolved, he worked at the Institute for Human Performance in Boca Raton, Florida in an effort to adapt and grow with an ever-changing industry. Kent believes in training that incorporates postural alignment and core stability when working with clients at all fitness levels. From former professional athletes to clients with special needs, helping people improve their quality of life is the most rewarding aspect of being in the fitness industry.

    Erin Brenan – Online Training Director: Erin has always been an active person playing soccer, softball and field hockey. She suffered a severe knee injury in while playing in college which resulted in two reconstructive surgeries and years of therapy. This led to a nearly sedentary lifestyle and a weight gain of 30lbs. After graduation, Erin knew she needed to find a way to be active without high impact and that is when she found a love for weight lifting. She decided to take it a step further and study the science behind it. Fitness is a passion for Erin and she loves helping others along in their own fitness journey whatever the goals may be.
    Marina Bogatkina – Personal Trainer:
    Marina is a certified yogi and has been teaching since 2014. She decided to take her skills and passion to the next level with a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She believes in functional, mindful, and non-judgmental fitness that connects the body and mind through a focus of intentional movements and breathing exercises.